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Solutions for Success

Founded by Joshua Griffin, a seasoned Special Operations soldier with 16 combat tours, Songhi Innovations dedicates itself to enhancing the survivability and lethality of armed service members. With a career rooted in direct combat experience, Joshua's innovative approach—guided by a "why not" rather than "why" philosophy—inspires our mission. We translate these battlefield insights into superior technological solutions, designed to equip our military forces with a strategic advantage.

Our Mission:

Utilizing lessons learned from the front lines, Songhi Innovations is focused on developing cutting-edge defense technologies. Our commitment lies in crafting products that elevate operational capabilities and ensure the safety and effectiveness of military personnel.

Our Expertise:

Our team, comprising a diverse array of former Special Operations operators from various branches of the military, brings a wealth of firsthand combat experience to our product development and strategic initiatives. This blend of real-world knowledge and innovative thinking allows us to address the nuanced challenges faced by today’s military forces with effective, field-tested solutions.

What Sets Us Apart:

  1. Combat-Driven Innovation: Our innovations are directly influenced by the real-life experiences and challenges encountered by Joshua Griffin and our team in combat, ensuring our solutions are perfectly aligned with the needs of the military.

  2. Enhanced Tactical Solutions: We focus on technologies that bolster both offensive and defensive military capabilities, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

  3. Dedication to Service Members: Our foremost goal is to provide solutions that deliver real benefits to the safety and performance of those in service.

  4. Comprehensive Development Approach: From initial ideation to final execution, our integrated approach ensures all solutions undergo rigorous testing and refinement to meet strict military standards.

  5. Long-term Impact: Committed to continuous innovation and adaptation, we ensure our technologies remain effective against evolving battlefield challenges.


At Songhi Innovations, we are more than a company; we are a crucial ally to the armed forces. By constantly advancing military technology, we aim to equip our service members with the essential tools needed for success in every mission. Join us as we commit to protecting those who protect us.

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